For several years Zach Reinert, owner of Zippy's Worm Farm, has been researching and experimenting about this wonderful style of farming.  He has developed a passion for this type of work, after spending  16 years as a Mason.  While being a Mason was his way of life for many years, it became unenjoyable.  He knew he needed a career change, and discovered what he enjoyed doing and decided to make it a new livelihood.  With farming being a way of life for his parents and grandparents, Zach would soon find himself in the agricultural field.  He has a love for gardening and raising meat rabbits and found himself in a great position to combine both hobbies and start the vermicomposting business.   The meat rabbit numbers have decreased quite a bit over early 2018.  He is planning on focusing more on raising meat goats that were aquired in the spring of 2017.  These Boer Goats will provide worm bedding, much like the rabbits had in the past.
                                                                                                                                                             Currently Zach grows Red Wigglers, eisenia foetida, to do the vermicomposting for him.  He is phasing out the European Nightcrawlers, to just focus on using the Wigglers.  In addition to growing and selling worms, he also sells worm castings, worm tea bags, worm tea brewing kits, and starter bedding mixes.                       
                                                                                                                                                                     The worms feedstock primarily consists of rabbit manure, which by itself is an excellent resource to fertilize gardens, flowers, and lawns with.  The rabbit manure is mixed with shredded straw. Small amounts of food scraps are added for diversity of their diet.  Shredded cardboard and composted leaves are also added for bedding.  The end result is a microbe rich, natural soil enhancer, loaded with minerals that are time released into the soil to feed your plants, vegetables, trees, or lawns.